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Cold Storage & Warehouse Software ERP

About Daksh ERP

Daksh ERP stands as a fortress to secure Cold Storages & Warehouses, addressing the specific challenges faced by your industry:

  • Efficient Operation in All Conditions: Daksh ERP performs optimally, even in regions with slower internet connectivity.
  • Affordable and Comprehensive: Manage Inward, Outward, Loading, Inward/Outward Register, Accounting, Advance Booking, and more at a cost-effective pricing structure.
  • Commodity Management Excellence: Maintain every commodity, from apples to potatoes, and support multi-commodity management effortlessly.
  • Inclusive Accounting Integration: Streamline accounting tasks with features like managing payment slips, invoices, bills, and more.

Impact of an ERP in Cold Storages

Some Characteristic Features

  • Multi Commodity / Items
  • Goods Inward Management (Monthly, Seasonal)
  • Goods Outward Management
  • Invoice (As on Date)
  • Instant Lot No. Wise Current Stock
  • Customer wise Stock Detail
  • Lot No. wise Stock Detail
  • Item wise Stock Detail
  • Daily Inward Detail
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Daily Outward Detail
  • Account Management (Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, etc.)
  • Auto Backup Facility
  • Multiple User System(Online & Lan Based)
  • User Rights Management
  • Address Label Printing (for Mailing Purposes)
  • SMS Facility for Incoming & Outgoing Material
  • SMS Facility to know Lot No. wise Stock (Auto – Reply)
  • Lightning Fast Reports & many more!

We have more & personalized features according to every type of cold stores and warehouses across India. Contact Us Now to Know More Features.

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Clean Modern Software Which Has A Great Performance Impact!

Clean Modern Software

Daksh Technology provides tailored tags and aims to take on the turnkey projects. We have state-of-the-art facilities ,making it easy for you to manage.

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Great Service Support

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Free Personalized Training comes with Our affordable cold storage software

Free Personalized Training

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Our Cold Storage now operates with unparalleled speed and efficiency, thanks to Daksh ERP. The software truly lives up to its name, delivering best-in-class features that have transformed the way we work."

Daksh ERP, the Cold Storage Software by Daksh Technology, stands as a testament to excellence. As a leading Enterprise Systems Integrator, Daksh Technology has consistently demonstrated an outstanding track record in product development and deployment, making our operations seamless and efficient.

Cold Storage Software from Daksh Technology provides a complete end-to-end solution for our operations. From the commencement of a new session to its closing, the software's instantaneous report generation time has made our tasks precise and hassle-free.

The unimaginable Cold Storage Software from Daksh Technology has significantly simplified the complexity of our Cold Storage processes. It has drastically reduced human calculation mistakes, offering real-time monitoring and elevating the efficiency of our operations to new heights.

This Unimaginable Cold Storage Software has greatly simplified the complexity of Cold Storage processes in which human calculation mistakes were very much often and required real-time monitoring.